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baby food meal prep pouches

Baby Meal Planning with Reuse-able Pouches

Ever since I’ve become a mother… (a whole nine months ago. ;D) I have been trying to be frugal so I can stay at home with my little nugget, and also self-reliant so we would be prepared as a family in an emergency situation, if necessary. I’ve used cloth diapers, I’ve made my own laundry […] Read more…

a delicious way to make leftover chili a yummy second meal

Leftover Chili Green Bell Pepper Bowls

Anyone else out there find it hard to keep the family interested in finishing what is left over from dinner the night before? I HATE throwing away food, and it seems that I can make a huge pot of chili so easily, and yet, it doesn’t disappear as easily… I get sick of eating it […] Read more…


Cozy Peach Apple Crumb Cheesecake

Let’s cozy up and get our hibernation on this fall. Start it off with this delicious twist on peach cobbler. *this post contains affiliate links, clicking through helps support this blog, with no added cost to you! Thank you! Also, all opinions are my own, and I would not promote something I have not tried.* […] Read more…


French Toast Hash + Maple Sausage

Once upon a time, we were both college students living in a basement apartment of a 95-year-old woman, pretty broke, and having to be creative with what we had. So one night, while the hubby was at work, I pulled out these ingredients and made something I’d never heard of before. You see, I was […] Read more…


Simple Chicken Almond Salad + Quinoa

We are getting more and more into this naturalistic and holistic lifestyle when it comes to food and eating right. Especially since having a baby and now nursing, it seems SUPER important for me to eat well so she gets all the nutrients our baby needs from my breast milk. Plus, it helps lose the […] Read more…


Alfredo Chicken Delight

Need the perfect, quick Alfredo Chicken recipe? You’ve come to the right place. This has been a Simmons family staple from the get-go, the first delicate dish we made as a couple, a classic and beautiful thing. Ingredients: Two Chicken Breasts (thawed) 1 Bushel of Asparagus Fettuccine Noodles for two (A large handful for us) […] Read more…