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How To Get Fit Without Visiting The Gym

Hitting the gym might be the last thing you want to do after a marathon workday. However, you can still rock your fitness goals without heading to the gym. Say hello to dancing your heart out, giving yoga a shot, and even hanging out with a furry friend. Ready to shape up on your terms? […] Read more…


A Simple Guide to Building your Child’s Social Skills

In the wake of the COVID lockdowns, many have realized more than ever that quality socializing is a tremendous contributor to positive mental health. Amongst many other tragic consequences of the pandemic, children who were young during those times may now find their social skills have been stunted and are struggling to readjust to social […] Read more…


5 Money Conscious Renovation Ideas for the Kitchen

There are budget-friendly renovation options if you are willing to think outside the box or use what you have. For the kitchen, this means only replacing certain things like the countertops or installing a faux island. So, if you aren’t too sure, here are some handy suggestions to try out. CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of […] Read more…


Should I install a Bathtub in my new Bathroom?

It’s funny how interior spaces change over the years. Your bathroom gets its name because it was literally designed to be a room with a bath. As tastes have changed, we’ve seen baths get removed from bathrooms as more people prefer to opt for a shower instead. It makes you think, should we start bringing […] Read more…

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Why You Are Perfect As You Are

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will always find reasons to diet and stress yourself out with exercise. Everywhere we turn, the media – both social and magazines – tell us that we don’t do enough for our health. We read all about celebrities and their post-baby bodies, their summer diets, their Gala […] Read more…


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