Interior Design and Do It Yourself Projects

Boho Farmhouse Living Room Client

Let’s design an organic boho existing living space. You know when you just want to see something before you make it happen? That was this week’s design client. She just bought her first home, she loves organic products, and she has a very old fireplace that she wanted to know what to do with. So […] Read more…

diy light installation

How to hang a ceiling light fixture

Sometimes the simplest of changes can make a big difference, and I think changing the light fixtures in a home makes a world of a difference when shaping your unique design. So, Bradlee and I have talked about getting rid of our b**b light in our entryway for a looong time. It was a bit […] Read more…


The Ultimate Gold Decor List

25 golden-colored lights, decor, and furniture pieces that will add the perfect hints of shimmer to your home. I like to cozy up in the evenings when Bradlee is working late and make lists on Amazon full of fun and classy decor items. Tonight’s theme is GOLD! And gold is just my favorite accent throughout […] Read more…

how to make a word sign in your home

DIY Mod Podge Quote Wall Decor

In a world where there are so many different DIY wall decor items, sometimes you can’t find the quote you have been looking for… so you make your own! So, I looked high and low, and even at Hobby Lobby where they have signs that speak my language oh, so well… But I could not […] Read more…

faux marble paint technique

DIY Faux Painted Marble Fireplace Surround

I have searched high and low on the internet, trying all different wordings and keywords to find a DIY marble paint tutorial specifically around a fireplace. Because fireplaces get HOT! And I don’t want paint or finish on top of paint (aka latex paint) to melt or turn yellow and gross if it gets hot. […] Read more…


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