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designing a shared room

Designing the Perfect Shared Bedroom for Kids

Whether it’s bunk beds or a shared safe space where siblings build character, what can go wrong and what is just right? Image credit ‍ A shared bedroom is a great way to facilitate the process of growing up for kids. It’s a place where they can separate from their parents and be independent but […] Read more…

how to ensure clean air in your home

How To Ensure Clean Airflow Throughout Your Home

Indoor air quality is crucial if you want to create a healthy and comfortable interior space. Having fresh indoor air can minimize your reaction to allergens or respiratory issues. We are especially sensitive in our homes. That’s because stale air can increase the number of allergens from dust mites, mold spores, and dander wafting in […] Read more…

home elevation of basement walkout

Drafting a Detached Garage and Walkout for our Home

Let’s walk through the things we’ve learned about building a walkout for our basement that’s below grade. With a detached garage for our fun toys too! Gosh, gee, golly it’s been awhile since I’ve written on here. But I’m here I promise! I’ve been working away on my Instagram and teaching at Ensign College here […] Read more…

mid century modern dining room interior design

Room Decor Tips for Mid-Century Modern Dining

Hello home designers. Today I’ve been working on some decor concepts for anyone who is stumped for inspiration for a mid-century modern dining area. Playing with natural tones is key, as well as using sharp lines as you see in the diamond/trellis wallcoverings, slanted mid-century table legs, and hexagonal wall art. These lines are what […] Read more…

rug layering designs

5 Rug Layering Techniques for your Home

Find your perfect mix of texture and pattern of rugs to layer into your space. Layering rugs creates warmth, reduces acoustics in large spaces, and lastly create an anchor for your room with style. I’ve been meaning to write something like this ever since I watched the AD open door youtube episode that showed the […] Read more…

modern interior design for cabin dwellers

Mountain Modern Interior Design Ideas

Who wants to run away to this tucked away cabin with their special someone? The aesthetics and design of this mountain modern getaway is pulling me towards glamping so bad right about now. Back up a bit though, I’ve been doing this fun game over on my Instagram called #thisorthatthursday, where my followers vote between […] Read more…


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