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potted green indoor plants

7 Gardening Tips for your Apartment or Small Space

Gardening? In an apartment? That’s right. You don’t need a backyard to grow plants. Many plants can be grown indoors or on a balcony. Growing these plants could have many benefits including helping to create a greater connection to the outdoors and helping to improve air quality. You can even grow plants that produce fruit […] Read more…


How To Get Better at DIY in your Home

If you’re looking to do some updates to your home, then having some DIY skills certainly helps with that. It might be that you’ve done some basic projects around the home but you’re looking to level up your skills and knowledge to take on a few bigger projects. Of course, it’s important to acknowledge that […] Read more…

mobile home makeover tips

How To Transform a Mobile Home Into a Cozy Dwelling

Mobile homes can be really bland if you don’t give them a bit of attention. After all, mobile homes are built in factories, assembled, and then shipped to different locations. They’re made to be as boring and efficient as possible. But just because it’s an affordable type of housing, that doesn’t mean it should look […] Read more…


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