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preparing your body for your first postpartum period after birth

3 Essentials for Navigating your First Period After Birth

Pregnancy and childbirth can be an emotional rollercoaster. As the dust settles and life returns to some semblance of normalcy, a new challenge often awaits: the first postpartum period. For many, it can be difficult to adjust to the physical and hormonal changes that accompany this important milestone. This post seeks to explore the 3 […] Read more…

family picture ideas

7 Ways to Celebrate a New Baby

Adding to your family by welcoming a new child into your life is an extraordinary time. A new baby can bring lots of love, joy, and excitement to your family dynamic. Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, each one is a special association that should be celebrated with loved ones as much as […] Read more…


The Best Natural Remedies for your Sick Babies

Are you getting super anxious about germs during the sick season? Like you want to follow your babies around with disinfectant wipes kind of anxious? So, for the whole of the sick season, I start with things that PREVENT sickness! These are my go-to probiotic, immune system building supplements and vitamins that I give my […] Read more…

unmedicated labor and birth tips

4 Ways to Make it Through an Unmedicated Birth

Here are some tried and true tips from a home birth mama about getting through an unmedicated birth with ease. *this post contains affiliate links, clicking through helps support this blog, with no added cost to you! I would never recommend something I’ve never tried or loved. Thank you!* I’ve been reading through Ina May’s […] Read more…

what does natural birth feel like

What does Natural Birth Feel Like?

Is a natural birth as painful as women have said? Is it euphoric like other women have said? What’s the truth and what techniques are there to get through without medication? *this post contains affiliate links, clicking through helps support this blog, with no added cost to you! Thank you!* I’m going to start by […] Read more…


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