First Camping Trip with Baby: Tried and True Tips

We made it. We got through our first camping trip with an infant. We weren’t eaten by mosquitoes or mountain lions, we didn’t fall off a cliff or into a stream. I’d say it was a success… for the most part… Our little five-month-old baby girl is SUCH a picky sleeper. I don’t know if infants […] Read more…


When do we Believe in God?

Strange title, you might think. Does it read wrong? Is it a typo? Surely, it is supposed to say, “Why do we believe in God?”… I was pondering this today randomly when I was imagining a stranger asking me this question. And how I would react. What would I say to someone who asks why […] Read more…

unmedicated home birth story

Anna’s Birth Story: Our First Born

Annabelle Mae’s Birth March 3, 2017 10:37 AM Weight: 6lbs 15oz Length: 21 inches Pink and Perfect  Anna, my daughter… You and I went through a lot of pain to bring you into this world. Some times I watch you sleeping and suddenly you will have a look of pain cross your expression for a […] Read more…


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