How to Save Money switching to Cloth Diapers.

Ok, all, I’ve been giddy with excitement about getting these cloth diapers. I know what you’re thinking, “You’re excited about diapers? For real?” Yep, I’ve got my official badge that reads Beware: Quirky Mom in the mail today. I was so stoked to try these out. I was cheering on the poopy bum changes, the potty […] Read more…


Three things to know on your Wedding Day.

Excerpt from my diary – 2012…  “He makes my world pop. That’s a strange phrase, and makes no sense unless you are a girl like me. Because he and I, we’re made for each other and no one else. We click, pop, snap and work together. No matter the verb, it’s what we do! (pun […] Read more…


First Camping Trip with Baby: Tried and True Tips

We made it. We got through our first camping trip with an infant. We weren’t eaten by mosquitoes or mountain lions, we didn’t fall off a cliff or into a stream. I’d say it was a success… for the most part… Our little five-month-old baby girl is SUCH a picky sleeper. I don’t know if infants […] Read more…


When do we Believe in God?

Strange title, you might think. Does it read wrong? Is it a typo? Surely, it is supposed to say, “Why do we believe in God?”… I was pondering this today randomly when I was imagining a stranger asking me this question. And how I would react. What would I say to someone who asks why […] Read more…

unmedicated home birth story

Anna’s Birth Story: Our First Born

Annabelle Mae’s Birth March 3, 2017 10:37 AM Weight: 6lbs 15oz Length: 21 inches Pink and Perfect  Anna, my daughter… You and I went through a lot of pain to bring you into this world. Some times I watch you sleeping and suddenly you will have a look of pain cross your expression for a […] Read more…


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