When it comes to being a mompreneur, you know you’re always busy. Honestly, since you’re running your own business and not working for someone else, you can basically say that your schedule is most likely going to be even busier than the average parent’s. But with that said, as you know, you can’t get burnout. By all means, your business is not only your livelihood but for your children and partner as well! A workcation would be one thing that many business owners will do to try to fight off the potential work burnout. 

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While the concept itself is still fairly new due to COVID, this is something that’s still thriving even today. But when you think of workcations, you think of one person right, maybe a couple at most. You never really think of working parents and kids when it comes to workcations. So, is this actually ideal to even do? Well, you might be surprised to know that it actually is, if done correctly, of course! So, here’s why it can be a game-changer!

You’re Teaching Adapatbility

If you really think about it, the nature of workcations often involves adapting to new environments and schedules. Technically, it’s the same when it comes to vacations, too, but with this, you’re working, and you have to usually settle for what you’re given. So, by bringing your kids along, you provide them with valuable lessons in flexibility and adaptability. There’s a lot of it, like navigating unfamiliar surroundings, adjusting to varied routines, and embracing change become valuable life skills that extend beyond the workcation experience.

Quality Family Time

Well, they can potentially offer family time (depending on how long you need to work). A lot of entrepreneurs will reach out to a short term housing agency, get something for a couple of weeks, work part-time, and then do something with the kids during the mornings and or afternoons. So, if it’s done like that, and you’re not working full-time, then this could open up a lot of potential for family quality time! 

You’re Setting Yourself Up for a Healthy Work-Life Balance

One of the major benefits of bringing your kids on a workcation would be the fact that this allows them to witness firsthand the delicate balance between work and personal life. You have to work, you have your responsibilities, but at the same time, you all are in a new location for the sole purpose of having some fun. 

So, it’s going to be up to you to demonstrate effective time management, and this includes setting boundaries and prioritizing both work and family commitments (because you can’t leave them bored at the accommodation). So you’re forcing yourself to have balance, and you’re teaching them too.

Fostering Global Perspectives

You are essentially teaching your child that it’s not only vacationing where there will be new cultural experiences but also that work itself can be a leisure activity that leads to global perspectives. The world becomes a vast classroom, providing hands-on lessons in geography, history, and social studies. So, bringing them can be fairly practical.


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