For this step, I’m going to refer you to a lot of resources where you can find emblems and symbols to search through for yourself. This is the broadest step in the creation of a brand.

You want people to remember this symbol or emblem above all else, it will be a trademark, and can be used as a watermark on all resumes, business cards, proposals to potential customers or sponsorships.

Here’s an online photoshop program with awesome emblems to search through, and if none of these resources help you find what you envision for your logo, keep reading.

(Pixlr from the list ^^ above ^^ is especially neat. It’s an online program that is basically photoshop, just for free. Check out this youtube tutorial for help. You could create your entire logo on the site.)

When I found my colors and font for my logo, I opened up my Keynote application on my MacBook and searched “compass”. Since my site name is, and the title on the top of my page was going to be “lose yourself” the first symbol that came to my name was a compass.

And in my search I found these:

The compass rose furthest to the left was the perfect match for me and my vision. I altered it in Keynote and got what you see in my logo. I also incorporate this symbol on my home page advertising to readers my recent writings and blog posts.

Your symbol should be solid, but also versatile so it can be used in watermarks, logos, and varying formats. Bringing many elements together and letting your readers know that everything is connected and familiar.

You may even make your font and name a symbol in and of itself. This is an option that many companies have had a lot of success in, check it out:

create your own brand

See this Pinterest Board here.

Brainstorm and mix it up to fit YOU! Above all else, don’t try copying someone verbatim. It may not look exactly like the other bloggers or businesses in your same niche, but we are all individual for a reason and should be different.

Come on over to our Facebook Group to test your ideas out on us. Or comment below with questions if you aren’t a fan of Facebook. 😉


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