Let’s design an organic boho existing living space. You know when you just want to see something before you make it happen? That was this week’s design client. She just bought her first home, she loves organic products, and she has a very old fireplace that she wanted to know what to do with.

So she sent me dimensions of her room, let me know the details of things she’d love to see incorporated in the room and asked if I could take a swing at it in my floor plan and rendering software. One challenge for this space was that she’s not sure the brick can be repainted again, also, they have no electrical in the room and no way of accessing the attic to see where they could wire some lights. So I suggested a track ceiling spotlight fixture with puck lights installed to add more emphasis to the accent wall.

What do you think?!

Here’s a product list for this room:

  1. puck lights to go with the strip ceiling spotlights, $160
  2. moroccan rug, 5×8 for $70-100
  3. neutral roman shades, $50
  4. walnut vinyl tiles for herringbone, $18 ten pack. (I’ve applied vinyl tiles to the wall in commercial settings, it may look more fake but it won’t warp! Wood is so expensive these days.. this could be an alternative)
  5. industrial shelving unit, $100/each


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