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I have a confession… If I could, I would make blush pink my primary focal point in every room of my house. And I say “If I could” because I love my husband dearly and even though he would do anything to make me happy, having pink everywhere would drive him completely insane.

So, I live in this little alternative universe where I pretend that it’s just me in a little ol’ apartment, still going to school, eating microwaveable mac n’ cheese, and everything is pink!

So, imagine with me, and create a classy pink space with these items that perfect our favorite color, while still not going over the top with design and decor.

Home never feels like home without a welcome mat.

^ Pigs are pink. Nuff said. ^

The perfect combination for a small space, a futon, and sofa in one. Mid-century marvelous.

A beautifully classy office chair, adding a small accent of pink to the room. 

Might be the most beautiful cracked clock I’ve ever seen. And next to this clock sits these “copper” planters that almost look rose gold.

Dress up your windows, or they just might blush. *punny*

Oh, pink… You’re so cozy. I searched for so long to find this perfect pink comforter! I love it!

Even cozier beneath that duvet.

Lastly, we accessorize.

For even more pink items, follow my idea list “Hello, Pink”. xo



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