There was one week that my blog didn’t take over my life. In fact, I didn’t have any time to work on marketing my blog, and yet, my traffic grew!

After a couple months of scrambling to get blog posts written perfectly all the while trying to figure out ads and pinning like crazy to try and get traffic, I had one week that I did these three things consistently and saw my first active day of traffic where I did nothing!

#1 Tailwind Tribes

If there is one thing that you should spend money on, it’s marketing. (that, and self-hosting… but that’s for another blog post) And if you enjoy spending day after day pinning for twenty to thirty to even sixty minutes to Pinterest then bully for you! But for me, I don’t have that kind of time. So I schedule all my pins weekly with Tailwind.

I spend about thirty minutes every Monday or Tuesday (the beginning of the week) and schedule all my pins to cycle through Pinterest for the next week or even week and a half. After that, I walk away from marketing via pins, then I can focus on my other social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook!

And you know those group boards that all the Pinterest courses out there in the blogging realm say to join! Join! JOIN! Well, those other members of that group board don’t reciprocate when you pin to them… No matter the rules. And they don’t get booted off the board for not obeying either.

So, instead of trying to find that trustworthy group board where everyone is working for and with others to all succeed, Tailwind invented tribes instead...

In a Tailwind Tribe, you have to reciprocate or your numbers show to the tribe leader and members and you get booted off the group. It’s a strict pin-for-pin system or even a two-to-one ratio. I LOVE it. And I saw my first viral pin from joining and participating in the tribes.

Ease the stress of trying to get your GREAT content into the world, and instead focus on writing that amazing content. Join Tailwind and let it do all the work for you!

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#2 Facebook Groups

It really is so simple. More simple than joining those Pinterest group boards I was talking about earlier. There are groups on Facebook for everything! Mommy bloggers, food bloggers, home and family bloggers helping one another, Pinterest ninjas, Pinterest repins and group adds, the sky is the limit, really.

And once you find your niche, your passion, and produce your first product, ebook or service, you can open your own group and see the members flow in. I predict that Facebook groups and Instagram followers will drive more traffic to your blog than the email list. I know I’m bold when I say this but…

Future generations aren’t using Email to contact people anymore. It’s all about Social Media.

So, to drive traffic to your blog and share YOUR new articles and posts #ontheblog, find your niche, create a solution to a problem, and make a group on Facebook to create a following. If it’s a problem you KNOW people need the solution for, your traffic will grow before you know it!

#3 Rich pins and Repins

Now, we all know you can’t control how you make a pin go viral. But there are definitely ways that you can ensure that your profile on Pinterest is SEEN and ready for that viral pin.

First thing, if you haven’t done this yet, make your account a business account and verify your website on Pinterest. Now, I was very busy when I first started up my website that I had many attempts to approve my website with Pinterest and they failed… And I did nothing about it cause I was busy writing content!

Don’t do this. If it doesn’t work (and I know it hasn’t worked for a lot of other people because of the Facebook groups I’ve been on) then contact Pinterest customer service, they will help you within the day and you’ll be all set!

Your pins will look professional and more legit, aka “Rich Pins”, and you will be more available for virality. Within that month I got my first viral pin!

And that’s all folks! Simple and quick tips for you. Hope it helps you in your blogging journey!

Also, to help your traffic keep coming back, consider rebranding or simply branding your blog to enhance the inviting feel and aesthetics. Work with me and we will reach all your logo and web design dreams!

*affiliate links are in this post, don’t worry they don’t cost you a dime if you use them, but they sure do help me! thanks!*


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