Here is the ultimate list of gifts you could send or get a postpartum mother that would make her life a WHOLE lot easier when that little sweet baby comes into the world. 

These gifts revolve around helping milk supply stay healthy and strong, keeping mama fed and hydrated, giving the gift of a quick pamper, helping the “down there” heal, and a few things for baby in case they come out teething! Yikes!

Everything a postpartum mother would want after she has her baby

Crock Pot Liners | Nursing Pads | Skin Care Kit | Water Bottle with Straw | The Comfiest Shirt | Free Prime Video Trial | Breastmilk Tea | Mug | Sitz Bath | Belly Support Wrap | The Mom Washer | Kid-E-Col | Nipple and Baby Salve

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I feel most of the items are pretty self-explanatory. Let’s just say I would have loved having all of these items on hand when I had our first baby girl, and I’ve already stocked up on all of them for this next baby. 

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Click on the links above to get full descriptions of the items and you can see for yourself how each would help in the postpartum game! Basically, this list is for making life a little more simple and relaxing as you are losing loads of sleep with a newborn and healing from the beautiful journey of birth.

Be sure to TREAT YO’SELF mama! Or treat that mama you know and love to a care package. It’s the “fourth trimester” that us moms truly need to care for just us and that baby.

postpartum mommy gift guide for under $20

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