We’re kind of living a designers dream right now. My dream. Just a lil’ bit. Ultimately, ever since B and I have been married I have told him I’d love to get an old Victorian home that needed a little fixin’ up and make it gorgeous and cute and chic all in one.

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BUT, a big set back with an old home is that it’s old and unpredictable and could have mold, structural integrity isn’t so great, yadda yadda yadda… So, he was always for building a home. We ended up compromising. We built a home with a builder, and now we’re finishing the basement and doing projects as I’ve always wanted.

We’ve added our own cabinet hardware to the kitchen, we laid brick on our fireplace wall and did a german smear, we’ve started our backyard landscaping and learned A LOT about hiring the right person for the job (I’m excited to write all about this…), and now we’ve started our basement construction. The list is just neverending and oh so fun! Crazy, but fun. 😉

So, without further ado, I must show you our vision in the beginnings of this project. We’re just excited to make a space that we can feel we can get away, watch a movie, do crafts with the kids in our craft area, and play games.

Kitchenette Area with Barn doors
Fireplace Reading and Games Nook
The Gold Bathroom

Blue and Gold Vanity | Four-Light LED Light | Gold Faucet

Country Chic Bathroom

Sconce Lights | Mirror | Vanity | Tile | Faucet

Cozy Industrial Theater Area

Shelving | Curtains | Screen | Projector | Sconces


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