Ever since I’ve become a mother… (a whole nine months ago. ;D) I have been trying to be frugal so I can stay at home with my little nugget, and also self-reliant so we would be prepared as a family in an emergency situation, if necessary. I’ve used cloth diapers, I’ve made my own laundry detergent, we’ve saved grocery receipts and meal planned, etc, etc.

So, this was my next stop on the Prepared Mama Train, Reusable food pouches.

My brand of choice has been Squooshi, mostly because I had one of my best friends who recommended them, and I wanted to be sure to get a good quality one to start out (plus they have a starter kit! Score!). But, there are SO many brands out there that you could really surf the Amazon universe and find the best one for the right price for you easy peasy.

Aren’t they adorbs?! I know, I know, my little nine-month-old girl doesn’t really care about the animals that are on the Squooshi squeezable right now, but I think they are fun! And one day she will too. 😉 Plus, by the way that they are shaped, she is able to hold on to the curved edges and feed herself without squeezing all the goods all over her pretty little outfits. #win. (Side note: they are also dishwasher safe! *-Insert mama happy dance here-*)

baby food meal prep with squeezable pouchesIt seems like there are only good things to say about these squeezies, but there are a few minor drawbacks that I wouldn’t feel right not telling you about.

First, if you have put these darn things in the sink after your little babe has enjoyed the contents and they get wet, it is nearly impossible to get the seal open without some serious manpower. I’ve discovered a trick to this, though. When you are ready to put your squeezable in the dishwasher but need to get the remaining food out of the container, take off the cap and run hot water down into the spout of the squeezable. This loosens up the zip lock seal at the bottom, making it easier to open. 😉 #mamaforthewin
The second drawback is trying to think of what more to put in your squeezable than just yogurt and applesauce. When I first got these pouches I was so excited! And then… Stumped… 

What was I going to puree in these things that would be good for our baby girl nutritionally, last at least three months in the freezer, and not too thick to get through the spout of the darn thing?

Next time I was at the store I checked out all the baby food purees in the baby aisle and got some ideas. These right here are WINNERS with our baby Belle, are a good variety of blends, and give her the best nutrition would scrounge up on the go!

Recipe #1 Carb Blend: Sweet Potato, Oats and Apple

1 Sweet Potato

1/2 Cup of Oats

1/2 Cup of Natural, Unsweetened Apple Sauce

Two shakes of Cinnamon for taste.

Makes about 12 ounces, or one ice cube tray. (A little veggies, fiber and fruit in baby’s life.) These rubber trays are great for removing your cubes after they are frozen!

Baby food meal prep

Recipe #2 Digestive Blend: Peach, Prune & Pineapple

1 Can of Peach Slices

1 Two Pack of Gerber Prunes

1 Can of Pineapple cubes

Makes 16 ounces, or one and one half ice cube trays full. (Prunes help on those constipated days…Pineapple can cause a rashy bum for some babies though so be sure to watch for that!)

baby meal planning with reusable pouches

Recipe #3 Protein Blend: Greek Yogurt, Peanut Butter & Banana.

1/2 Cup of Oikos Triple Zero Vanilla Greek Yogurt (Awesome protein source with no sugars or sweeteners

1 Banana

1-2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter

Add almond milk to help thin out the puree.

Makes about 12 ounces, or one ice cube tray full. (Protein power is the best power.)

Even quicker tip: If you haven’t had time one week to prepare a puree for your little munchkin, I’ve always grabbed cans of pears and applesauce that make a quick throw-in-the-pouch-n-go combo that our little one loves as well. 

Freezing into cubes makes it LOADS easier to put into the pouch to thaw at a later date. Also, it saves for longer when frozen. (Little tip: when experimenting purees, I put spinach into one of the recipes, and it did NOT save well… Might work for others, but our little girl HATED it.)

Hope my recipes and tips help on your journey to make-your-own-puree pouch land. Ha ha. Oh gosh, I really need to get out more… Thanks for visiting, fellow parentals! Til next time.

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baby food meal prep pouches

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