I feel that if a stranger were to walk through my house they would think I tore apart some abandoned shack and used its remnants for my decor.

I have a weathered side table, credenza, photo frames from thrift stores and yard sales, and this old window frame that I discovered antiquing among many other things.

In this article, I’m going to share with you what I did with this shattered glass window frame that I got at a local antique store for $5.

Mind you, it took me awhile to find the perfect frame, so you might have to illegally raid a shack on the side of the road or in the countryside to get the frame you might be searching for. Don’t get caught. Don’t blame me if you get caught. And ultimately, I hope you find it! Because I have truly enjoyed having this knick knack hanging from my wall to pin things to. Like Pinterest! Just in real life… Whaaa?

This is the purpose I have found in this weathered frame. I took out the shattered glass without cutting myself (*fist bump*), sprayed it down, coated it with a light glaze to keep the splinters away (for the most part), and hung it on my wall. Super simple. And now I enjoy pinning recent pictures of our family, cards from the hubby, postcards from friends, and other various things that we like to showcase for a while before just tossing them.

^^ We use Instax. ^^ You can print multiple sheets at once and it gives a great retro look!

Ever wonder what to do with that oober sentimental card that your grandma sent you on your anniversary? Or the sweet note your partner left you on your car one morning? You want to show you care, right? That the current things happening in your home are worthwhile! This is how we post our accomplishments and recognition without cluttering the refrigerator with the good stuff right next to the coupons.

Do you like the design of the triangles? Grab some twine from your craft room and print off your favorite style in turquoise or how you see it in the images in beige and dark blue. For free! On me! (Side note: the turquoise is easier to cut out if you are contemplating which one you would prefer… and who doesn’t love more color?!)

I hope you enjoy this little addition to your wall as much as our family has. We love having wall decor that serves a function as well as being fashionable. It makes our home unique and homely, and when guests come over they love to see pictures and cards so it really serves as a conversation piece as well. Can I say “win-win-win”? 

After you’ve done the work, make sure you get the Instax for your photos and share in the comments how it all turned out for you!


This Lost Mama

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