Are you planning on bringing a cat to join your family? If so, this post is for you. We explore some of the overlooked facts of life with feline friends in your home. Here are some weird and interesting things for you to consider. 

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Purring Doesn’t Mean Your Cat Feels Content

Many people associate purring with a happy, content cat. However, that’s not always the case. Some cats also purr if they feel anxious or are in physical pain. 
Therefore, you’ll want to monitor your new cat’s purring regularly. Listen carefully for any subtle changes that might indicate distress. 

Bad Smells Are Guaranteed

Unfortunately, bad cat odor is guaranteed when you live with a feline friend. However, you can do plenty of things to fight back against it. 

For instance, some owners invest in air purifiers and place them close to the kitty litter to stop it from fumigating the entire home. Others buy treated litter or highly absorbent options to keep smells at bay for a few hours. 

You can put litter outside, but your cat may be less liable to use them.

Cats Aren’t Solitary Creatures

Many believe cats are solitary creatures, but that’s not always true. While they enjoy their independence more than dogs, they remain social creatures and want to spend time with you in the home if they can. 

Therefore, make sure that you cuddle and play with your cat regularly. Ensure you form a strong bond while respecting their desire for independence. 

Cats Have A Secret Language

Another strange fact about cats is their secret language, something you’ll want to learn if you live with one of these creatures. The animals make various meows and chirps to communicate their needs and express various desires and emotions. 

As an owner, you’ll build up a natural understanding of these noises over time. Eventually, you’ll be able to understand your cat’s mood and whether they are tired or want to go out. 

You Might Be Inviting A Massage Therapist Into Your Home

Getting a cat also means you might be inviting a massage therapist into your home. If you place a cat on your lap and it feels relaxed, it will naturally start kneading your skin with its paws, which can be quite comfortable. 

Cats Love Routine

While it might not seem like it, cats also love routine. Regular feeding and playtimes help them feel relaxed and make life more predictable for them.

You should also make a point of cleaning out their litter tray or box at the same time every day. That way, your cat knows when you are likely to disturb it. 

Cats Love Positive Reinforcement Training
Finally, cats are big fans of positive reinforcement training, a strategy where you offer cats nice things in exchange for their compliance. If you notice good behavior, pet them or offer them a treat. You can also praise cats similar to how you might praise a dog to strengthen the bond that you have with them over time.


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