Find your perfect mix of texture and pattern of rugs to layer into your space. Layering rugs creates warmth, reduces acoustics in large spaces, and lastly create an anchor for your room with style.

I’ve been meaning to write something like this ever since I watched the AD open door youtube episode that showed the inside of Rainn Wilson’s home (aka Dwight from the Office).

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It’s a Spanish paradise. With an open floor plan, exposed brick, inside outside flow of space that just has you falling in love! One room in particular that caught my attention was their lounge/living space. Here, they layered all of these rugs they’ve collected over the years in one mash up. It created the kind of environment where you could just sit cross-legged on the ground or pull up a pouf and transport yourself to another culture. It’s careless feel made it beautiful.

This also acts as a sound diffusing method for large rooms that don’t have carpet as the main flooring. Rooms that have high ceilings and all the rage wood flooring that we see all over home designs these days seem to have quite a bit of echoing throughout. Win-win in the design world!

So I put together a few ideas for you to incorporate this look into your own home if you’re not sure where to start. Let’s dive in to some tips below.

  1. A Kids Room rectangle animal rug with a layer of fuzzy polka dot fun on the side.

2. Place a 5×8 tribal rug atop a 8×10 textured jute rug with tassels for extra padding and pattern mixing with texture.

3. Take a cowhide rug, and place it in a strategically angled fashion over a vintage traditional rug to bring some emphasis into the space and add dimension!

4. Go bold and beautiful with a striped rug beneath a plush criss cross.

5. Last but surely not least, you can just go nutso with the rugs! Well, not entirely… But sorta. Just try to stay within the right color scheme. Warm with warm, cool with cool don’t mix the two. This vintage boho rug, then a moroccan style and lastly staggered stripes are pictured here.


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