There are budget-friendly renovation options if you are willing to think outside the box or use what you have. For the kitchen, this means only replacing certain things like the countertops or installing a faux island. So, if you aren’t too sure, here are some handy suggestions to try out.

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Sustainable Flooring Options

Because of material prices and the skills needed for installation, flooring can often be one of the most expensive parts of a renovation. However, there are some options available to keep the cost down. For long-term costs, think about materials such as terracotta, which is great for a Mexican tile kitchen style that is sustainable and lasts. You can also cleverly reuse salvaged tiles from yards and DIY stores. They may not match, but this can look good if done properly.

New Kitchen Countertops

Of course, the first you probably thought of is the kitchen counters. These are the go-to replacement for a kitchen project because they are used so much and are instantly noticeable. Poor kitchen counters will look bad and won’t last. But you can pretty much make your kitchen look brand new by replacing only the counters and giving the rest a really good clean. This all kind of depends on the rest of your kitchen fittings being in relatively good shape, though. 

Paint them to look like marble like this project here.

Try a Backsplash for Budget Friendly Renovation

Like flooring, kitchen tiling can become expensive depending on the size. You will need tiles, of course, grout, and someone to install them. (Check out my luxury tile list on Amazon here!) You can do it yourself, but if it goes wrong, it will end up costing you double to have it done again. So like laying bricks, it’s best to play it safe. However, a cheaper option, but one that is effective, is to use backsplashes. A backsplash is easy to install and is much cheaper than buying tiles. However, the finish might not last as long.

Use Something as an Island

A dream kitchen always has an island, right? Islands give you far more surface area to work with, which is great if you cook a lot, especially for a family. But an island can also double as a breakfast area for eating too. But of course, having an island installed is very expensive these days, so it isn’t exactly budget-friendly. What you can do, though, is install something of a faux island. A high-standing table that matches the kitchen is a perfect option for doing this.

Update the Cupboards

You can save a ton of money if your kitchen cupboards are in good shape. You don’t need to rip them out and have new ones put in if it isn’t necessary. Why increase the cost if you don’t need to? If they are in good shape, consider just replacing the doors with ones that match the look you want. And you can further save money if the doors too are still in good shape. You can apply vinyl finishes and even paint them. Or even update the door handles to change the look.


There are many flooring options for budget-friendly renovation projects that last. Yet a simple backsplash instead of tiles, and replacing the cupboard doors are a great way to save money and transform you space all in one.


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