We all love going to the spa, but let’s be honest, it’s pretty impossible to go to one every day. They’re expensive and you have other things to do with your life!

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But, what if you could bring some of the spa experience to your bathroom? It’s very possible and you won’t need to do some crazy renovations that cost thousands of dollars. All you need is a trick or two to completely change the way your bathroom looks and feels. 

Keeping that in mind, here’s what you can do to make your bathroom feel like a luxury spa: 

Dim the lights

Installing a dimmer switch on your lights is a really clever idea to create the ambience of a spa. It means you can set the mood and have darker lighting in there. You can do a similar thing by turning the lights off and lighting some scented candles if you don’t want to install a dimmer switch. Either idea is brilliant and you’ll immediately feel like you’re in a spa. (Check out these dimmable puck lights that are easily installed!)

Get some thick bath towels and robes

One of the best things about going to a spa is having these nice thick robes and towels. You also get given slippers, and it makes you feel nice and relaxed. So, do the same thing in your bathroom. Buy some thick white bath towels and bath slippers, as well as some bathrobes. Brands like Richard Haworth are good for buying robes because they sell the same ones that a lot of luxury spas and hotels purchase. As such, you can bring more of the spa experience to your bathroom. 

Simulate a sauna

Saunas are brilliant if you want to relax and feel the heat. The cool thing is, you can pretty much create a sauna effect in your bathroom. Firstly, get yourself a bathroom stool or something that you can sit on while you’re in there. There’s nothing wrong with bringing in a waterproof beanbag here, in fact, that’s a fantastic idea to feel more relaxed. Then, all you have to do is close all the windows and doors and turn the heat up. The room will get hot, and you could also run a hot bath while you’re at it to bring some steam into the place too. Sit there with your robe on and enjoy the heat. If you did run a bath, you can hop in it after!

Use a relaxing bubble bath

Speaking of your bath, you need to fill it up with lots of soapy bubbles. Using a relaxing bubble bath will help you do this, bringing in some of the typical scents of a spa. We’re talking about lavender and other herbal smells. Lay in your bath and soak in the nice soapy water while playing relaxing spa music on your phone. If you close your eyes, you’ll actually feel as though you’re in a spa! 

Obviously, if you have enough money to pay for a bathroom renovation, you can do so much more to make it into a mini spa. But, the ideas and tricks above are perfect for anyone on a budget. They barely cost a penny and you don’t have to do anything drastic to your bathroom.


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