Here’s the ultimate necessity list of must-have items to get in order to kill it in the blogging biz.

This isn’t your average list of who to host with or what platform your blog should be on. This list is of all the PHYSICAL, TANGIBLE things that I had to run down to Target real quick for, or order and wait for Amazon to ship me. (Which, if you haven’t gotten Amazon Prime yet, you need it as a blogger, two-day shipping is a must!)

Get these now so your awesome content creation isn’t interrupted!

You need to stay organized. You have started a business and need consistency and the right materials to get the ball rolling. You need fashion to engage your social media accounts. And ultimately, you need that planner or notepad to brainstorm those amazing ideas you are having.

Don’t hesitate, these are some of the best investments I’ve made in the biz to grow my blog brand and identity, and I know that many of these items will help you, female entrepreneurs, out there too.

 Felt Letterboard | Trendy Hat | Selfie Tripod | Adorable Shoes | Everything Is Fine Pad | Computer Mouse

| You’re Killing It Planner |

*this post contains affiliate links cause a girls gotta eat.

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