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I have a confession… If I could, I would make blush pink my primary focal point in every room of my house. And I say “If I could” because I love my husband dearly and even though he would do anything to make me happy, having pink everywhere would drive him completely insane.

So, I live in this little alternative universe where I pretend that it’s just me in a little ol’ apartment, still going to school, eating microwaveable mac n’ cheese, and everything is pink!

So, imagine with me, and create a classy pink space with these items that perfect our favorite color, while still not going over the top with design and decor.

Home never feels like home without a welcome mat.

^ Pigs are pink. Nuff said. ^

The perfect combination for a small space, a futon, and sofa in one. Mid-century marvelous.

Might not be the best at telling time, but I was always late to classes anyway.

Dress up your windows, or they just might blush. *punny*

^^ Oh, pink… You’re so cozy. ^^

Even cozier beneath that duvet.

Lastly, we accessorize.

For even more pink items, follow my idea list “Hello, Pink”. xo



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