So, I do this thing. Every Friday, (ok, almost every Friday) I hop on to instagram and do some sharing of beautiful designer products that can be purchased for a fraction of the price you’ll see them on websites like Pottery Barn, Mcgee & Co, CB2, etc.

You might wonder why I do this, I am a designer after all. Isn’t that giving away the secret to design? Isn’t it betraying designers by saying don’t buy this, buy that instead? And to that, I say no!

I think there are too many people out there who would love the beautiful spaces they see on the instagram and pinterest perfect homes and are stopped in their tracks from having the beautiful home of their dreams because of the price tag attached.

There are loads of luxurious homes and hotels and consumers and customers out there that will pay that ticket price that big companies are charging an arm and a leg for, trust me! I’ve worked for them! And boy howdy, it is so fun to design their gorgeous homes, and it is fully worth it to pay for those designers who design those homes, cause it’s a heck of a lot of work. So, please don’t misinterpret my fancy friday finds as a way to cheat the “system”, cause designers are super valuable if you need help with a remodel or complete project management and redesign.

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I’m on this Fancy Friday Find road to make the average Jane or Joe feel like they can add some pizzaz to their home without breaking the bank and all the while with a sense of style. Especially for those who have no idea where to start!

So check out this most recent Fancy Friday on my highlights on Insta @loseyrslfdesigns, or check out the images below and their links to get started on your home styling journey for a steal!

Boho Chic Rug Link | Black Arc Mirror | Floral Artwork | Antique Stool | Luxury Feel Towels | Black Hooks | Rattan Pendant Light (affiliate links, thanks!)

Two Art Pieces | Fine Line Bed Frame | Boucle Lumbar Pillow | Plaid Pillows | End of Bed Bench | Area Rug | Nightstands | Table Lamps | Curtains to Match

In summary, I hope you can build confidence in this series of designs I’ve been working on. That you feel that at the core of your purchases, there’s some thought and intuition in the decisions. Cause that $3,000 that you would have spent on one nightstand could instead go into your college fund, or a holiday you’ve been planning, or retirement for goodness sake!

Thanks for dropping by! Hope to see you over on my insta or subscribe to my site!


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